there are these things.

these girls and these jobs, and these not jobs, and these situations where you feel like it’s a a makeorbreak kinda moment.

there are these moments where we must define ourselves as people.

there are moments where the heart breaketh and runneth over in a matter of seconds.

there are seconds. we are given a lot of them, usually, but they are only seconds.

some people fill up on seconds while others barely get firsts. and usually the people filling up on seconds are the ones who could afford to lose a few pounds.

we gain and we lose and we push forth.

the pushing forth part is the part that matters.

the human body declares that we push forth in order to be born.

don’t be a drag, just be a queen.

illuminati, all through your body – just be seen.

seeing is subjective. everyone can look, but only few of us can see.

the few, the proud, the sardines.


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