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April 27, 2010

there was this bug crawling on my wall. not a big bug, i guess it may have been a baby. it was crawling on my wall and i tried to kill it with a shoe. i thought i did. the bug laid still as i walked with it atop the bottom of my shoe into the bathroom.

i threw the bug carcass into the trash can. a few seconds later, the bug began to crawl again. i scooped it out of the trashcan with a paper towel roll, and it fell on the floor. then i tried to smoosh it with a paper towel into the floor.

i thought i had, so i tried to toss it from the paper towel into the toilet. i took one swift shake downward toward the water, and the bug started crawling out of the paper towel.

i took the bug outside and blew it off the paper towel into the night air.

i felt like this bug deserved to live another day. this bug fought the good fight.