rats in the attic.

rats in the attic. tails are tragic. broken air conditioner. feeling the heat. power in another’s name. no cable. no internet. no connection. no money. moving alone. feeling alone. feeling lonely. feeling lonely surrounded by people. people being mad. people being silent. people questioning character. character-flaws. o.c.d. a.d.d. no tv. tv imitating life. life imitating art. total eclipse of the heart. milk makes me fart. farts smell like shit. life smells like shit. i want it to quit. the shit. not the life. i like the life. i want to live it. i want to dance. i want to be free. i want to smile. it takes more effort to frown than it does to smile. so i try to smile. it’s difficult lately. interviews. disappointments. the timing is off. it’s not my moment. one day it will be. and then i will own it. until then i lease it. i need to release it. i need to release the tension. no attention. i need an intervention. friendships. sinking ships. chips and dip. dents in cars. highway scars. insurance rates. mother’s day dates. dates in june. hotel rooms. too little, too late. leave it to fate. it’s dark in here. tell the rat to hit the light. merry happy to all, and to all a good night.



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