Sonny’s boards – brainstorm.

These are a few boards I came up with when working on Sonny’s 8 Dinners Under $8 promotion during my internship with The Ad Partners in Tampa:

Don’t wait,

eat eight!

8 dinners under $8

You’ll be glad

you ate under 8.

Dinners under $8

Big portions.

Wear sweatpants.

8 dinners under $8

Wallet empty?

Get full.

8 dinners under $8

So much food

you’ll need a nap.

8 dinners under $8

Not responsible

for food coma.

Big portions, $8

We pull pork,

not your leg.

8 dinners under $8

Pulling pork,

not yanking chains.

8 dinners under $8

We fill plates,

Not empty wallets.

8 dinners under $8

Stretching dollars,

and waistbands.

8 dinners under $8

Full-sized dinners,

pint-sized prices.

8 dinners under $8

Our chickens

go “cheap.”

8 dinners under $8

Check out

the chicken.

8 dinners under $8

Gobble up

the turkey.

8 dinners under $8


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