Ferman Mazda – outdoor

These are some headlines that I wrote for an outdoor piece for Ferman Mazda on Florida Avenue during my internship with The Ad Partners in Tampa. My creative director, David Allen, went with the one in bold.

Fits in the garage, can’t promise it’ll go down the chimney.

Wrap up something to-go.

Give the gift of go.

You may need a bigger tree.

We made Santa reconsider the sleigh.

Rudolph’s got nothin’ on us.

Driveways are the new stockings.

Sure beats a sack full of coal.

A step up from last year’s necktie.

Four-door holiday cheer.

You’ve been really good this year.

Togetherness. Family. Horsepower.

You’re gonna need a bigger bow.

Holiday zoom.

Happy haul-a-days.

Holiday cheer with a rearview mirror.

Go, go, go. Happy holidays.

If Dasher had a dashboard…

It’s like Dasher with a dashboard.

You won’t have to fake that you like their fruitcake.

It’s like fruitcake with wheels. Except it’s actually tasteful.

Gift cars are always a good idea.

Don’t know what to get ‘em? Give ‘em a gift car.

Avoid embarrassing moments. This gift is one-size-fits-all.

The one-size-fits-all gift.


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