Move it or Louvre it


The re-cap began at 1:03 A.M. It’s probably much later by now.


The Louvre! The epitome of overwhelming. No, but really. We got inside and all decided to go our separate ways and meet back up later. It was an all-day venture. I started in the Bronze section and quickly realized that I didn’t really care about that. There was too much to see and no time to waste. I found my way to the Italian Renaissance paintings. Da Vinci. Botticelli. Classics. Just about every, if not all pieces were of religious – particularly Catholic – nature. I looked at, quite possibly, 500 different renditions of Jesus. Alive. Dead. Baby. It was absolutely fascinating. I took some illegal pictures of a few Picassos. You could take pictures everywhere else, why not in Picasso’s area?! Then I got yelled at in French.

Then I made my way to the Supreme Bitch, herself. Ol’ Mona. The painting was, by comparison, much smaller than 90% of the other works there, but that girl’s got charisma. It was on a wall all by itself with an arc-shaped barrier around it. You couldn’t get closer than three feet from it. There were mobs of people around Her – equipped with cameras. What a lady she is.

Then was Venus. Venus de Milo, that is. I liked Her. Took some photos of her, and stared at her nubile stone flesh.

After Venus, I found my way to the Egyptian artifacts. That shit was amazing. Fucking amazing. I saw a mummy…an ACTUAL MUMMY. It was a total mind-fuck in that place.

It’s really easy to get lost in The Louvre. I skipped some stuff so I could go see the French paintings. One would need at least two or three full days in there to see everything. Whew.

After the Louvre, Cass and I took the Metro to Moulin Rouge. Again, it didn’t live up to its hype. Little theatre, flashy lights, windmill. There was a fucking burger joint directly attached to it! Oh well, the magic is on the inside. That’s what she said. And by she, I mean the lady that worked the front desk at our hostel.

Never got to go out in Paris. Got lost a few times. Used my map just to prove I could do it. Drank some 11.6% alcohol beer. It wasn’t exactly the “Paris” I was hoping for, but it was still Paris.


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