the tina-verb agreement.

you tell me you’re a writer,

and i think it’s mighty sketchy

’cause the subject-verb agreement

in that claim is kinda messy

so you test me –

and i’m guessing

you don’t even know the answer

and, yes, i do love tina,

but i ain’t your Private Dancer

but you just keep on pushin’…

do it. do it for me, puppet.

fine, i’ll start at the beginning,

do you know my girl, Ms. Muffet?

she liked curds and whey and all…

and Humpty Dumpty had a fall…

and Jack Sprat despised fat,

the Big Bad Wolf had quite a jaw…

i’m feelin’ kinda like him –

wanna blow your house down.

you sit all high-and-mighty

need some polish for that crown?

no, i said polish, not Polish

now you’re stinkin’, like old fish

have you checked the menu lately?

ah, revenge. it’s a cold dish.

so you eat it up, and then spit it like it’s yours

you’re ridin’ on my coattails like i’m down on all-fours

word whores

be sure

that what you say is what you say

’cause if you keep on clownin’ me, i’ll be like Tina Fey…

i’ll bring it to you LIVE, then i’ll have to 30 Rock you,

blow up your whole damn spot then get distracted by a hot jew…

’cause i like my girls from israel,

they beep my horn and ring my bell,

don’t need the money from my honey…

just a brain that wrinkles well.

i’ll jump right back on topic; see with women, i digress…

the A.D.D. kicks in, along with booty in a dress…

i said a dress, not address, fool;

you’re makin’ this stressful,

when hand goes up – mouth goes shut.

i’ll treat you like grade-school.



class dismissed. bitch.


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One Response to “the tina-verb agreement.”

  1. Efren Rebugio Jr Says:

    …just a brain that wrinkles well..wordsmith!

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