Boston. Long Island. NYC. And a plane.


I’m on the plane now. It has arrived. Let’s re-cap…


We stayed at Jenny and Tom’s. It’s very cute. The third-story of an old townhouse-type building in Medford, MA. It has great creaky stairs. And a cool slanted ceiling in the shower. Jenny’s father-in-law (this is still weird to write) Tom [Senior], or, Mr. O’Brien, took us around Boston. It was very cold. Mr. O’Brien took us to this awesome Italian place. Real Italian. It was cheap and fast-foody and delicious. He ordered the entire left side of the menu. Riceballs, how I love you so.

We walked around the North End a bit. Saw the Paul Revere house. Nicole almost came right then and there. Walked the Freedom Trail some…stumbled on the cobblestone…struggled to light and smoke cigarettes while wearing my gloves. Took some pictures: narrow alleys, history; Boston’s cool. Kinda got it planted in my head that I’d move there at some point in my life.


Went to Long Island to stay with Nicole’s sister, Wendy. She has a husband, Will, and they have three kids. The youngest is a baby named William Elvis. As in Elvis Presley. He loves me and I love him. He’s kind of monsterous – but he’s hilarious. He bangs his head on everything. I think this may cause a problem for him later in life. I can’t help but stare at the giant growth that seems to be accumulating behind his ear. It’s a giant, red, bumpy mound of flesh. It confuses and fascinates me.


Nicole’s brother, Joe, took us into the city. I love it there. Joe let us out at TKTS. It was nine-degrees fahrenheit. Nine. Cassidy really wanted to see Wicked, but there were no matinees. Then I saw it – Spring Awakening. I’m usually a go-with-the-flow kind of person – but when I want something, I want it hard. I wanted Spring Awakening and would not stop until that was the show we were going to see. We got tickets for $67 dollars. Totally worth it. It ended its run on Broadway today, so it only seems right. Hunter Parrish, the kid that plays Silas on Weeds, was the lead. The music touched me down to my soul. The lyrics seduced me. I felt like I climaxed. It was lovely. We drank Starbucks and walked to the NBC store. Then we went to Teddy Roosevelt’s birthhouse. If Nicole was cumming over Revere’s house, she was straight-up female-ejaculating on TR’s face. She loved it. I was happy she was so happy. Then Chinatown for dinner. Lemon chicken. I love New York.


I’m on the plane, heading to Amsterdam. I was really nervous earlier and Wendy gave me a pain-killer that I barely felt. It was a nice gesture, nonetheless. I drank Jameson at the airport and ate some roasted almonds. I also ate some weird shrimp couscous. The shrimp had poop-chutes. It made me want to vomit. I’m reading The Tipping Point and really like it. I feel like I may find God in Amsterdam. I hear God likes Dutch whores. I’ll be 25 soon. If I think the women in New York are beautiful, I can’t wait to see European women. Maybe not so much the body hair. Here’s to the discovery…


I trust my soul,

my only goal,

is just

to be.

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