ice cream.

i make noise.

i rant and i rave

for the clans in the cave

for the landowner’s slave

and the sperm donor’s babe

and i scream and i cuss

for the kid on the bus

who they turned into mush

’cause he checked out their butts

i kick and i yell

for those “burning in hell”

’cause GOD…doesn’t think kindly

of their colorful candy shell

melt away, little faggot

it’s ok that it’s tragic

you’re a gay, we won’t have it

kick you out, like your dad did

then i’ll shout and i’ll punch

for the fat girl at lunch

who just ate all her feelings,

washed ’em down with fruit punch

chicken nuggets and tears

as she hides from her peers

sure, she jiggles and sweats,

but she’ll be hot in ten years

and then i’ll point and i’ll laugh

’cause fat girl’s had a bath

dropped some weight, changed her shape,

fuck your broke, pregnant ass

and you can’t go abort it

’cause your vision’s distorted

jesus christ, hallelujah,

your bastard child’s a lord-send

isn’t that right?

so i fight

for the “wrong” in the right

for the black in the white

for the chink and the kike

for the devil in the dyke

little coloreds on a bike

mother hubbard’s hating life

hubby’s always beating wife

and then taking her life-savings and going bump in the night

the girls take bumps of the white

just to feel whole inside

as he rapes her hole outside

by the flag pole’s where her hope died

pledge allegiance to the dope guy

a little yay makes her nose fry

at least she doesn’t cry

’cause sex will sell

in kolorful kandi’s shell

while the homos in hell

watch the fat girl’s gut swell

there’ll be coat-hanger dreams

for the nubian queens

paying rent in the alley

blocking out their own screams

so i scream

you scream

we all scream

for something

for one thing

or nothing

let’s all make

some fucking



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